Authorised DynoJet Tuning Center

Everyone can map a bike, few can tune it

The real tuning of an engine is done throughout the entire arc of operation of the engine that is testing and correcting the map from idle to rpm limit in the various combinations of throttle grip opening.

This type of tuning requires specific equipment, in-depth technical knowledge, time and patience.

To make a good tuning it takes 4/8 hours in the simplest cases up to a few days for “heavily tuned” engines.

In our Tuning Center the test room is equipped with:

  • 16,500 m³/h air recirculation system, necessary to maintain the right temperatures in the test room,
  • forced ventilation necessary to maintain the engine temperature in the range recommended by the manufacturers,
  • 3,000 m³/h exhaust fume extractor,
  • Dynojet 250i Dyno,
  • AFR sniffer with 4 independent broadband Lambda probes.

Very often on motorcycles are installed open filters, complete exhaust systems, cams, oversized manifolds or other components that on paper should promote an increase in performance through an alteration of the volumetric efficiency of the engine, but without tuning the injection system the bike will not produce the expected performance increase and very often it will suffer for lower overall performance and impoverishment of driveability, increased operating temperatures, poor gas mileage,  and increased engine knocks.

In our Tuning Center we can really fine-tune the maps stored in the memory of your control unit by generating and installing a map that is correct and better suited to both your bike and your driving style.

With a custom tuning performed on a dyno you can not only overcome the problems you are experiencing, but you can finally ride a bike that, from a technical point of view, will have real increases in performance and gas mileage, while, from an emotional point of view, it will be much more fun and exciting to ride while maintaining total reliability of the engine and all mechanical parts.

Dyno Rules

In our Tuning Center we guarantee that the tuning of your engines will be done with care and competence, guaranteeing absolute results both in terms of performance and reliability.

We perform tuning on all motorcycles and scooters.

In order to let us to do at our best and to provide you with a high quality Tuning we suggest some rules to follow:

  • book the Tuning in time,
  • arrive on time,
  • full gas tank,
  • do not use high-octane gasoline,
  • check and solve bike’s problems before booking the tuning service¹,
  • sports bikes must be equipped with road tyres and not with race tyres.

1) necessary labor to solve problems that may be present on motorcycles will be invoiced separately.