Milwaukee Eight 114 Stage II

Camme Andrews 464

More than a biker is curios to know how a Stage II performs on the latest of Harley-Davidson Big Twin. Stage II means an engine in which new cam was installed in addition to the canonical air cleaner, exhaust and mapping of the Stage I. No displacement increases, no high-compression pistons or oversized throttle bodies. Straightforward Stage II without frills. (more…)

Spicy little Indian

In 2011 Polaris acquired Indian, the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the USA, practically disappeared since 1953. Only 9 years have passed but it seems like a geological era: just compare the current product line with that of 2011. (more…)

Tuning, it’s always worth it

DynoJet Dynamometer

There’s a slew of common prejudices against tuning our motorcycle engines, especially those put forward by the incompetent or biased. To quote a few: “it breaks your bike”, “the guaranty is no longer valid”, “it’s useless”, “have you ever gone faster than 120 km/h with your Harley?”, “do you ever race on a track?” Since I work in the field I am biased, yet I will try to advise you objectively just the same. (more…)

Timeless Sportster


Indeed very few motorcycles can boast 62 years of uninterrupted production, the Harley-Davidson Sportster (XL) is one of them. Harley-Davidson has started manufacturing the Sportster since 1957 and continues to these days without interruption: an icon. (more…)