The S&S T124LC engine is the first engine entirely designed, built and assembled by S&S that I have tuned after having tuned a lot of S&S Performance Kits.

The T124LC is a top engine in terms of quality, performance and driveability. Also at the top of the gamma are the improvements made on the beautiful 2016 Harley-Davidson Touring Police on which the S&S engine is installed. The bike has been improved in all key aspects to better accommodate the S&S powertrain: chassis, shocks and brakes.

Prestazioni attese secondo S&S

Here are the specifications of the S&S T124LC:

  • 124 c.i.,
  • 10,2:1 compression ratio,
  • S&S 585 cams,
  • 58mm HPI throttle body,
  • 5.5g/s injectors,
  • 2:1 exhaust.

According to S&S the TC124LC is capable of developing about 132 hp and 181 N-m (133.5 ft-lbs).

After breaking in the engine with a dedicated tune, I did the final tuning on a DynoJet dyno with Power Vision.

The results were up to expectations and, as you can see from the dyno graph published below, are even better than the data provided by S&S in the range between 2000 and 4000 rpm.

Great engine with an intriguing and compact sound and, as pointed out by the owner, it can run away smoothly and without any jolt with just a trickle of gas.