In 2011 Polaris acquired Indian, the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the USA, practically disappeared since 1953. Only 9 years have passed but it seems like a geological era: just compare the current product line with that of 2011.

Last year Indian launched the FTR 1200 which decidedly moved away from the “old school” canons to embrace the roadster ones. Great looking in pictures, exciting live.

I had the opportunity to do the dyno tuning on an FTR 1200 with Akrapovic slipons on the DynoJet 250i using the new Power Vision 3, below you will find the result.

The measured wheel power/torque numbers, at the end of the dyno tuning, are respectively 123 hp at 8100 rpm and 120 N-m at 6000 rpm which correspond to 138 N-m crank power and 141 hp crank torque: the little Indian is not only beautiful but also really spicy.