A luxurious 2021 CVO Limited with Wood 22XE cam has finally arrived at the Tuning Center. Finally, because I’ve been waiting for quite a while to tune the Wood cams, which are very well spoken about and show remarkable torque/power numbers.

This time I will be shorter than usual because certain evidence doesn’t deserve to be debased by useless comments.

Here is the configuration of the 2021 CVO Limited:

  • stock air filter,
  • MIVV headers,
  • S&S MK 4.5″ slip-on with db killers,
  • Wood 22XE cam.

I don’t think it is necessary to add anything else except to point out that the slip-on had the db killer installed and that during the final tests the torque management system (RDRS) was enabled.

Below there is the dyno graph obtained after the tuning process made with DynoJet Power Vision of this spectacular Stage II.

Stage II dyno graph
Torque is expressed in N-m, blue curves represent an M8 117″ CVO Stage I