In the beginning it was her majesty the 2019 Road Glide CVO, and you know that royalty induces awe and discourages any desire to customise. Luckily there are free spirits.

The CVO with the 128″ S&S Power Package discussed in this little article is one of the bikes owned by a genuine enthusiast and knowledgeable motorcyclist.

For brevity’s sake I will not list all the parts installed on the bike and I will concentrate on the part I like best: the engine.

Here are the key technical specifications of the 2019 Road Glide CVO with the S&S 128″ Power Package:

  • 128″ c.i.,
  • 11.1:1 compression ratio,
  • S&S M8-550 cam,
  • Screamin’ Eagle CNC-ported heads,
  • HPi throttle body,
  • 5.5 g/s injectors,
  • DynoJet Target Tune,
  • high-flow air filter,
  • Bassani 2:1 exhaust.

Due to the complexity of the engine the tuning job was quite long and a little tricky, but the results were exciting.

Here are the results.

Torque expressed in N-m