Among the wide offer of high-performance components for Harley-Davidson engines there is the S&S 110″ Power Package kit which, in addition to being widely appreciated, is one of the ones I recommend.

S&S 110″ Power Package

S&S 110″ Power Package

The 106″and 107″ Power Packages were installed in the workshop on Dyna and Softail with excellent results, maybe one day I will publish the data of these too, but now I feel almost obliged to write about the 110″ Power Package because I was impressed by the results in terms of performance and driveability.

The 110″ Power Package is designed for Twin Cam 96 “and 103” engines and the specifications are:

  • 4″ Bore bolt on cylinder and piston kit
  • 10.5:1 Compression
  • S&S 585 Easy Start Cams
  • TC3 Oil Pump
  • TC3 Cam Plate
  • S&S cam chain tensioners
  • Quickee Adjustable Pushrods with Tubes
  • S&S Precision Tappets

In addition to the specifications, S&S publishes the expected torque and power curves, curves contained in the next figure.

Expected Power and Torque

Expected Power and Torque

Below, instead, you will find the real power/torque curves measured at the end of the tuning performed after the engine break-in, looking at the trend of the curves it is clear why I found them gorgeous.

Coppia/Potenza reali

Real Power/Torque

The measured wheel power/torque at the end of the dyno tuning are respectively 113 hp at 5,500 rpm and 174 N-m at 3,600 rpm which correspond to  129 hp crank power and 200 N-m crank torque: excellent numbers, but what impressed me most is the smooth progression of power and torque curves.

For completeness of information the kit is installed on a 2010 Street Glide with SE Stage I air filter, Fullsac DX head pipes and Cobra Neighbour Heaters slip ons.